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Photo: Alfonso, a 17-year-old student/boxer who has travelled a fair bit around the Pacific for tournaments. He, from Nauru, the island nation, knows how to keep physically fit. He has to, to remain a champion.

This post was written for PLS’s Facebook page by Kenneth Iga, one of PLS’s friends. Kenneth is an enthusiastic writer, among other things. Here is the post …

Thomas, since it’s holidays for the students, I wish to share in this room with other PLS members a few pieces that have been kept for a while … then, when school is back, I will stop and learn about formulas and other topics from you people.

Some Underlying Factors Why People Succeed
Good shape, good diet, and good health all go together to bring successful results in studies and work. Exercising and ensuring that your meals are balanced and nutritious are very important.

Here in PNG, we have all the nutrition/food types needed in the Pacific/world. There should not be any excuse in not having balanced meals. Having some coconut greased soup from the vegetable pot before the main meal (main meal should be served in the proper order for proper digestion to take place), followed by side dishes.
People must also eat according the body’s method of digesting, and its needs.  

Giving every part of the body with some resistance exercise daily is as important as eating. I never really liked playing sports seriously, though I was brought up in a neighbourhood where there was a basketball court nearby (which happens to be my favourite sport). But until I started training for rugby few years ago (which I no longer play due to an injury), I thought how bad it was that many others like me were missing out on an essential part of life – keeping fit to help tackle other challenges in life; challenges such as assignments/work.

Working and studying hard for a living is our excuse. As a result we drive ourselves into more stress - in health; financially; socially, etc.

(Fact: The majority of the most intelligent people on earth were/are inactive, or never played a sport; they just sit and think, like me sometimes. Ha ha ha! And you know what? They suffer the worst chronic diseases and die painful deaths. Reason: They do not have proper diets and do not do resistance exercise. NOTE: Physical work is totally different from playing a resistance sport. In work and many sports, you only use few parts of the body.)
When I walked in for my first-ever formal employment interview that took a staggering two week in process from the filling of a lot of forms and induction, the first thing I realized was the great difference between the elites and general workforce.

Elites at top posts were all physically in cutting-edge form: top shapes (physically), well-groomed, intelligent, disciplined, and one could tell by just one glimpse, of how fast they would sell a product which was unsold for ages.

On the other hand, the simple workforce at my level were all shapeless, obese (with hanging bellies), stained teeth, improperly trimmed hair, disheveled appearance, etc.

That is one factor that pushed me higher to other levels and that allowed me to enjoy the pleasures of work and success - things that most only dreamed of and murmured about.

I saw a lot of opportunities and manoeuvred my way through those. But all those benefits or privileges come with us attending to simple things – things such as taking care of one’s hygiene, grooming, exercise, nutrition, disciplines and endless study.

You see, if we don’t care for our appearance, it is likely we are unable to care for business, our personal balance sheet, or other areas of life.

Appearance in physique and nourishment
To go from a just simple Papua New Guinean up to the elite level, it is important to pay attention to keeping our skin clear and clean, knowing how to take care of overall grooming from hair to shoe, and choosing the kind of clothing that fits the climate, surroundings and best represent who we are to the people around us and the people we meet.

There are other topics/themes that are related to what has been discussed. They include: Proper Ways of Eating, Proper Ways of Exercising, Investigation Methods, Terrorism and Security, Combat and Wars, Music and Thought, Music Appreciation and many more ... These are topics that I will share in my blog this year. 

(Again, these tips came from Kenneth Iga.)

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