Wednesday, May 8, 2013


By FRANKIY KAPIN - The National

THE call for a public library in East New Britain has been strongly supported by former Prime Minister Sir Rabbie Namaliu and Gazelle MP Malakai Tabar.
Both politicians shared similar sentiments at the book launching of Sir Paulias Matane and Benedict Warwakai last week Friday.
(Sir Paulias’ new books are Understanding Papua New Guinea and Books for National Development. Warwakia’s book is titled My Graduation.)

Photo: Young author Warwakai with his first book My Graduation. - The National

Tabar said a library paves the way to greater learning and achievements in life as witnessed by thebirth of an aspiring young author in Benedict Warwakai.
“You don’t have to be good in speaking and writing English, but if you can read a lot. It opens up the window in life’s capacity for success,” Tabar said.
Reiterating the words of Warwakai, Tabar said: “To read is to open yourselves, open your inner life and inner being to a lot of things.”

Sir Rabbie in his keynote speech reminded the province’s parliamentarians that a public library is an important institution.
He said since the volcanic disruption of Rabaul town there a library is yet to be built and is optimistic the ENB Provincial Government and relevant bodies have plans in place for a replacement.
Having served with Sir Paulias, Sir Rabbie described Sir Paulias as a mentor and having an illustrious distinguished career in PNG. He praised Sir Paulias as a man of impeccable integrity and that his contribution to the nation including publishing 48 books was immense.

The significance of Sir Paulias career is the cornerstone of inspiration to Warwakai writing his first book.
Warwakai said: “Today marks a milestone in my lifetime to have authored a book but most have been achieved on my inspirations and risks taken in life.”
He said he took to hear the quote attributed to boxing great Mohammed Ali: “He who is not courageous enough to take risk will accomplish nothing in life.”
Warwakai said he was motivated by Sir Paulias to write his own book.

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