Monday, May 13, 2013


HELLOW. How are you all doing? 
I hope you all have started the new week on the right foot. 
You may have noticed that I had posted poetry yesterday in this room (and also in the blog).
I read about two decades ago that poetry sharpens a person – particularly in the use of words in expressing one’s thoughts or feelings. That is a skill.
Poets in ages past were thinkers, musicians, artists and even scientists. There are some scientists who are very good in this.
Recently, I was helping in writing lessons for a programme and took some topics in poetry/composition and that brought back some of the concepts I learned.
The best poetry I enjoyed over the years includes those that rhyme and have a rhythm, often associated with a meter.
Most of our hymns (and many pop songs) have those elements.
The one that I posted yesterday rhymes and has a 6,6,6,6 meter. (Each syllable has a count of 1. And there are six syllables in each of the lines penned.)
Poems that have rhyme and rhythm can be easily made into songs, as when a musician studies it and composes the music that carries the words, so to speak.
Some of the best songs we enjoy were plain lyrics/poetry/poems written by someone but then skillful musicians added music to them.
“Amazing Grace” the hymn was written by ex-slave trader and Pastor John Newton. The music came from an old traditional folk tune.        

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