Thursday, May 30, 2013


TWO days ago I was washing a few things - manually that is - when an experience I had almost seven years ago came to mind in a strong way. (In fact, it was more like coming from the “soul” than my mind). 

Photo: My first notebook in the trade.

I knew I had to weave it into the fiction work that I am working on.

I know this tip is experiential – and you (a writer) often get the same “urges” when you are doing something other than sitting in front of a computer, or with a pen in hand ready to write.

Those “urges” come when you are engaged in something else – washing your clothes, trimming the flower hedges or weeding around the house.

Use those moments to bring your creative self to come out and give you the sub-plots.

(This afternoon, I completed a 2,000-word chapter from the “urge” I received a few days ago.) 

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