Monday, May 6, 2013


I THINK it was Henry Ford who said something like: “Success is completing what you started.”

In anything that you do (I mean the good things), be sure to complete anything you start.

A person who follows through thoroughly with tasks given is often said to be a person who “does not do things by halves”.

Other descriptive terms of such a person are reliable, dependable, determined, loyal and committed.  

Last week, while discussing students learning French in PNG, it was said that students attend lessons in numbers in the 10-week course. But when it gets to the fourth week, the number goes down until about half the number of the original students actually completes the course.

Good students do not do that.

They sign up for the course, put the money down and put the hours in until the very end.

Think about this. There are many people who do not complete what they start.

It is my hope that PLS friends would always complete whatever tasks they start.

If you are to graduate with a Grade 10 or Grade 12 certificate, College diploma or University degree, put in the time and unceasing effort until you get your paper.

Do not do things by halves.


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