Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I WAS busy at my desk today when one of our bosses (an editor) said some French guys were coming.
A few minutes later two men with TV cameras and bags slung over their shoulders entered the building.
They had a chat with the boss and then with another editor.
As they were about to leave, I met one of them and introduced myself.

Me: “Bonjour, je m’appelle Thomas (Hellow, my name is Thomas)."
Person 1: “Bonjour. My name is Olivier. You speak French?”
Me: “Oui, je parle un peu de français  (Yes, I speak a bit of French).”
Olivier : “Tu travailles ici  (You work here)?”
Me : “Oui, je travaille ici (Yes, I work here).”
Person 2: “Hellow. My name is Paul. You speak French?”
Me: “Bonjour, je m’appelle Thomas. J'apprends le français (I'm Thomas. I am learning French).”
Paul : “Where did you learn French?”
Me: “Avec L’Alliance Française (With the Alliance Francaise).

It so happens (after being given their contacts and details and searching the net) that the two – Paul Comiti and Olivier Azpitarte - are award-winning film makers and were visiting PNG.
I will have to check with the editors on what information they have got.
The two asked me for contacts and I gave two names and some details of their countrymen who reside here in Port Moresby.
Hopefully that should help them with their work – and I hope to meet them again.
I let them out of the office.  
"Merci Thomas. Au revoir," they said and left. 

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