Thursday, May 23, 2013


I THINK you remember me talking about my plan to purchase a violin. Well, the plan is now urgent.

Why? Just yesterday, while searching for some stuff to write some reading exercises for children, I came across the performance of a three-year-old on the violin (on YouTube). 

 Photo: Akim Camara in concert at three. ( - From

The picture of the boy I saw was of a baby-faced kid dressed all nice in a Tuxedo and nice shoes, standing in front of a full orchestra and an audience of 18,000.

The boy is Akim Camara and he is a prodigy. He got his first violin and took lessons when he was two.

The teacher taught him two days in a week, for 45 minutes each.

Akim was born in Berlin in 2000.

His father is African and he has a European mother.

He has been coached by Dutch violinist/conductor Andre Rieu.

Rieu has also paid for the boy’s violin and piano lessons.

Akim has played in other parts in the world and performed with other top musicians. He is now 12.

By going over Akim’s life, I remembered something I learned while teaching.

In teaching, it is not only that the students learn from the teacher, the teacher can learn from his/her students as well.

Furthermore, the old can be inspired to learn new skills from the young and, in certain cases, the very young.

I feel that Akim has indeed inspired me. Only time will show how deep that inspiration will go.


Have a nice weekend.   

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