Sunday, May 26, 2013


WHEN you are conversing with, or listening to someone else speak (or read what one writes), be careful to note who is a student and who is a teacher/worker – or who is communicating as a parent.  
That I think is important if you are trying to learn.
Some things may not be meant for your ears.

It is good to learn as much as you can from people - as young as you are, or those who are older than you.
But make the difference between/among different groups.
Some are already earning their money and therefore when they talk, it would be as if everything is okay for them.
But then there are others, who are students, or still hunting for that dream job/career.

Often, when we are in a certain group and we try to talk like, act like we are already there.
And that is going to be a problem when there are ten more steps to take, and we are trying to take shortcuts.
Shortcuts are good, but they may not teach you essential lessons in life. Many people are also taking illegal shortcuts. (Do not join such groups.)

I was doing practice teaching years ago when I heard a student talking about the pay packet of his subject master receives each fortnight – as if it was common knowledge.
I was shocked.
The only person’s packet I knew was mine – and I could not remember what I saw on the pay slips of others, even if I saw something. Because, really, it did not matter.

More coming up later.       

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