Sunday, May 26, 2013


HOW much does your father earn?
As for me, my answer is: “I do not know.”
And that does not matter to me.
For his almost fifty years of working (up until today), I did not know how much he earns.
It was never a topic of discussion.
I had this mentality.
His pay is his pay. I have to worry about mine – that is all that matters.

I read Lee Iacocca’s story years ago. Iacocca is the former vice president of Ford Motor Company and president of Chrysler. The two are among several big-time car-manufacturing firms in the US.
There was a case where Iacocca’s chauffeur brought him home to change before taking him to another meeting.
While the driver was chatting with the two young daughters of the boss, he asked them if they knew what their father’s job was.
The younger of the two said: “I think he is a salesman of one of the second-hand car yards down the road.”
The chauffeur was surprised.
But isn’t that good?

Why should the daughters be bothered about what kind of work their father had?
Some would think, if they know, it might spoil their life growing up as ordinary American girls.
I also agree. It would help the child grow up not being “separated” from their peers.
They’ve got to live and learn like the rest … and work for their living later in life.       

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