Sunday, May 26, 2013


DID you read my two last posts?
I hope you did. Because this post follows on from the last two.
That should help you settle down and work hard to carve out a path for yourself, without always falling back on your people.
That is not to say, you should not get support from your people. It is more like: You should try to be the best in what you do.
(Some of our relatives will not see far down the road as we can and therefore may not support us very well to get us there. We will have to do it ourselves – or with the help of others, who can see what we see.)

I am always for helping people moving up, aspiring for something more than being satisfied with where you are.
When we long for, dream of, aspire for something, we come out of ourselves and draw out abilities, potentials, view points, etc which up until then were more-or-less latent (hidden).

As an extreme example, let me give you an example of someone who longed to be the best and became the best.
 I read a book by one of the best teachers in motivating others. He told the story about a tennis player once who was an awkward looking and talking fellow.
When the player was asked who he was he said: “I am the world’s number one tennis player!”
The one who asked looked surprised, not knowing the fellow.
The tennis player then added: “Oh, but nobody knows it yet.”
That was John McEnroe, the legendary tennis player.
He believed that he was going to become number one when nobody was talking about it.

Again, do not let anybody stop you from aspiring. Be careful how you talk. (At other times, don’t talk at all – just put your head down and work.)
Many would not understand you. Just a word of caution.   
May you all have a nice week.

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