Tuesday, May 28, 2013


LEARN AND LIVE ITEM ... I have not been updating with the Learn and Live items since February 20. This was the one written for February 27.
I ALWAYS give this challenge to students: Always work to score the best grades in whatever you study.
This tip is not original. It was given to me by a teacher many years ago.
There are many reasons why good grades – such as As and Bs – are important.

Firstly, your chance of advancing to the next level of education – secondary or tertiary – are higher with an A/B average.

Secondly, you stand a higher chance of getting a scholarship, here in PNG universities, or when applying abroad.

Thirdly, when you apply for employment after completing college or university studies, with higher grades you stand a better chance of getting a job.
You see, good companies and organisations want the best people working for them. The type of grades on your transcript (or certificate) tells more about you even before you are asked to turn up for an interview.
Take a look at the newspaper advertisements of companies seeking graduate cadets to join them. You will notice that the minimum grade requirement is B-average.
If you score As and Bs, you stand a higher chance of working with the best companies in PNG.

Fourthly, your effort and habit of working hard in school to get those high grades will be with you as long as you live. Of course, even if you do poorly later on, you will know that you are capable of accomplishing much better results. Nobody has to remind you.

Fifthly, one day when you are in the position to mentor others, you will know how to better guide people to achieve good results.
Having scored good grades, you would urge your students (if you are a teacher) to do the same. And when you are a parent, you will know how to urge your children in the right way.

A few years ago, there was a bright boy (I shall call him Albert) in class. Albert, 14, was not faithful in attending class and during a teacher-parent meeting, his mother told me that her son was now more interested in building his body than completing his schoolwork.
“He spends more time looking into the mirror after visiting the gym,” the mother said.
“I am a cleaner and Albert’s father is a driver, but I want Albert to get another job.”
I felt for the mother.
Many, like Albert, are distracted. They should attend school and score the best grades. That opens up better opportunities in the future.

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